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February 22, 2009  Guest – Christine Grumm
Program:  A Hard Look at Poverty for Women

Christine Grumm, President and CEO of the Women’s Funding Network, has more than three decades of experience as a leader in affecting social change through civil society, and especially through women’s philanthropy. Chris passionately believes in the power of women and girls’ solutions and is dedicated to helping unleash that potential to help transform the world.

As President and CEO of the Women’s Funding Network, Chris has shown dynamic leadership in guiding over 130 women’s and girls’ funds, in the U.S. and abroad, through an ambitious program of expansion towards a goal of $450 million in assets by 2008. Chris has also raised awareness of the make-a-difference philanthropy practiced by women’s funds that emphasizes the active role of women as donors and grantee partners. The results speak for themselves: in 2000, Network membership numbered 70; today it has 135 member funds. In 2000 women’s funds held $150 million in assets; today that number exceeds $450 million, while giving away $50 million annually.

Visionary partnerships have also grown, including Women Moving Millions (WMM), a partnership between an extraordinary group of visionary donors, the Women's Funding Network, and its member funds. WMM represents a wide spectrum of women who share a powerful vision of the world, in which justice, equality and safety are experienced by all women and girls and their families in every corner of the earth. This groundbreaking campaign seeks to raise $150 million in gifts of $1 million and more by April 2009 in order to tip the collective grantmaking and assets of women’s funds over the $1 billion mark. It also seeks to make a lasting difference to women’s funds’ major fundraising abilities and potential. Since the campaign’s launch in November 2007, nearly $110 million has been raised from women donors around the world.

Prior to joining Women’s Funding Network, Chris served as Executive Director of the Chicago Foundation for Women. Under her leadership, CFW increased its grant-making to one million dollars annually and completed an endowment campaign surpassing its $5 million goal.

Women of the ELCA, one of 128 organizations that are a part of the Women's Funding Network,
invites women to celebrate Bold Women's Day,
Sunday, February 22, 2009.


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