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  • December 30, 2007 — Jerry Evenrud – New Beginnings
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Luke 15:11-32

    For this end-of-the-year program, host Peter W. Marty focuses on the new beginnings that comes to our lives when grace is bestowed on us. Enjoy a New Year interview with guest, Jerry Evenrud. Evenrud is a retired church musician who travels with an extensive art collection of images from the Prodigal Son story in Luke’s Gospel. With the recent publication of a new full-color book with these images from around the world, a book titled "And Grace Will Lead Me Home," Evenrud explores the inexhaustible riches of this story which none of us can escape appreciating.


  • December 23, 2007 — Peter W. Marty – Waiting: Expectant and on Tiptoes
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Luke 1:39-45

    In this final edition of a four-part series on WAITING, host Peter W. Marty brings the Advent season into the fullness of Christmas. Envisioning the anticipation of a gift that stretches beyond its contents, Marty pictures the truest form of waiting as something that will embrace us, hold us, and help us make sense of our lives. Through a touching story of a mother who understands the character of a God-With-Us love, this edition of Grace Matters will inspire Christmas joy in you.

  • December 16, 2007 — Peter W. Marty – Waiting: The Politics of It
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Luke 18:1-8

    In this third of a four-part Advent series on WAITING, host Peter W. Marty reveals a kind of waiting that does not deserve to have patience attached to it. This is the waiting for justice and righteousness for the world’s dispossessed. Drawing on stories from a Biblical widow to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marty argues persuasively for a form of Christian waiting that cannot afford to be too patient or passive. More music of the season complements the meditation.

  • December 9, 2007 — Peter W. Marty – Waiting: With Great Anticipation
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    2 James 5: 7-10

    In this second of a four-part Advent series on WAITING, host Peter W. Marty talks about waiting that involves a goal. Some of our waiting is highly impatient because we know there may be very unwelcome news coming our way, but some of our waiting is packed with eager anticipation because we know there is a lively goal or a promise attached to the end of the wait. This makes all the difference in the world, especially for those who follow Jesus Christ.

  • December 2, 2007 — Peter W. Marty – Waiting: Who's Waiting for Whom?
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    2 Peter 3:8-15

    In this first of a four-part Advent series on WAITING, host Peter W. Marty explores how lousy we can be at waiting. His interview guest is the Bible. Through an often overlooked passage of the Bible, Marty reminds us of an important key to growing our own patience in life – recognizing how much other people and God wait upon us. Delightful Advent music complements this four-part series.


  • November 25, 2007 — Peter W. Marty – Thanks. Giving.
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    In a first-ever call-in program to Grace Matters, host Peter W. Marty and program producer Susan Greeley visit about the necessity
    of grace in a hurting world. They share conversation about the important role this listener-supported program plays in the lives of people across America. Listeners are invited to tune in with their hearts and to call in with their prayers and supportive gifts on this special Thanksgiving weekend program.

  • November 18, 2007 — The Faith Club (Part II) – Friendship and Candor

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    John 15:14-15

    Frankness of speech, spoken in love, is one of many components that can allow for true friendship to flourish. In this second of a two-part series, host Peter W. Marty explores the topic of friendship, following more conversation with the three women of
    The Faith Club, Ranya, Suzanne and Priscilla visit about their experience of wrestling with, and growing from, stimulating inter-faith discussions they cultivated in their lives. Lifelong friendship among them became one of the lasting benefits of these candid conversations.

  • November 11, 2007 — The Faith Club (Part I) – The Limits of Tolerance
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    John 13:35

    For all the religiosity in America, it is a surprisingly ignorant republic when it comes to understanding religion. Faithful people are quickly at home with the precepts and convictions of their own tradition, but little else. Three women, calling themselves
    The Faith Club, set about to change this. Meeting in each other’s homes on a weekly basis for several years, Ranya Idliby (a Palestinian-born Muslim), Suzanne Oliver (an Episcopal Christian), and Priscilla Warner (a Reform Jew) covered all sorts of topics, including the limitations of merely tolerating one another.

  • November 4, 2007 — Chap Clark – Encouraging Teens Along Life’s Way
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    1 Thessalonians 2:6-11

    Parenting adolescents is becoming a more challenging task with every generation – or so it seems. Cultural and technological forces are complicating every parent’s assignment of raising wholesome kids who live meaningful lives, but mistakes and misperceptions of parents are not helping the picture.
    Chap Clark, professor of youth, family and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, has some very astute insights about parenting and kids. His ultimate goal is for every teenager to receive enough guidance and encouragement to know how extraordinary the love of God is.


  • October 28, 2007 — Francis Collins – Faith in Science, Faith in God
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Genesis 1

    Among the top tier of scientists in the world, there is
    Francis Collins. Longtime director of the human genome project that has mapped over 3 billion letters of the human genetic code, Collins is an articulate spokesperson for the glories of science. But he is also a person of deep faith who is not shy to speak about the place of God in biological science. Repudiating both anti-scientific thinking and shallow spirituality, Collins offers a clear-headed way for understanding the beauty of how science enhances one's reading of the Bible.

  • October 21, 2007 — Doris Christopher – Table Talk
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Matthew 9:10

    One would not expect a prominent CEO of a global firm to weigh in on the importance of mealtime and talk around the dinner table, but
    Doris Christopher is not your average corporate leader. Founder of the kitchen tools company Pampered Chef, Christopher maintains a rigorous schedule and a high demand for excellence. In the midst of it all, she has never forgotten the place of the Lord in her everyday life, or the value of mealtime as a focal point for our existence.

  • October 14, 2007 — Dave Dravecky – Hope Born of Adversity
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    2 Corinthians 6:4-5

    Life is difficult. Being human is hazardous to your health. Christianity is no ticket to a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. So what do we make of the hazards of living and of suffering? How do we live creatively within the constrictions of human suffering?
    Dave Dravecky, former all-star pitcher in the major leagues, is as well positioned as anyone to speak powerfully on how to give birth to hope in adverse times. After an encounter with cancer at the peak of his career, he lost his throwing arm and shoulder to amputation, but Dravecky gained a whole new world of faith through the experience.

  • October 7, 2007 — Sarah Henrich – Five Keys of Discipleship
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Luke 9:57-62

    Discipleship is either a meaningful word to help center a life or a "churchy" word that is tired and overused. In this program, host Peter W. Marty explores the meaning of discipleship with
    Sarah Henrich. Professor Henrich, who teaches New Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., has authored a new book on great themes in the Bible. Her rich insights on discipleship, and Peter's five keys for making it a part of everyday life, add up to a memorable program for all Christian people and all those exploring the Christian way.


  • September 30, 2007 – David Hilfiker – Seeing Into the Eyes of the Poor
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Deuteronomy 15:1-11

    David Hilfiker did what many people think about, but never have the courage to do. He and his family left comfortable living in a rural community to begin a new life among some of America’s poorest people in an urban ghetto. Few upper-middle class people understand the plight of the poor quite like this physician. He contends that the only way to really know what it means to be poor, and to quit treating “the poor” like a category, is to look them in the eye and get to know them.


  • September 23, 2007 – Wayne-Daniel Berard – Retrieving Our Jewishness
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Mark 6:3

    If Christians are not careful, we have a dangerous tendency to view the Bible as an exclusively Christian book. Where this perspective exists, we do a serious disservice to both the Jewishness of Jesus and the Jewish roots of our own faith.
    Wayne-Daniel Berard, professor and author, who was born of a Jewish parent and adopted by a Catholic family, practices his faith today as a Christian and a Jew. He calls on Christians to explore “with open heart and mind” the Jewishness, not only of Jesus, but of themselves.

  • September 16, 2007 – Andrea Jaeger – Holy Laughter
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Genesis 18:12-15

    Those who follow the tennis world closely know the name
    Andrea Jaeger. In the mid-1980s she was playing number two in the world on the women’s pro circuit. That was young Andrea. Following a career ending injury as a teenager, she engaged in a serious refocus of her life. Today, she is an Anglican Dominican sister who devotes everything she is to kids who live with life-threatening diseases. It’s quite a life, mixing tears, laughter and a whole lot of fulfillment.

  • September 9 – Eboo Patel – The Dangers of Religious Totalitarianism
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Click here to listenActs 2:1-21

    If you are tired of trying to make sense of why certain expressions of religion irritate you so thoroughly, you need to meet Eboo Patel. Chances are good that what is bothering, or even infuriating you, is what Patel calls “religious totalitarianism.” Or it could be your own mistaken assumption that no one knows the truth unless they know your version of it. Eboo Patel is an articulate man of faith who is founder and executive director of Interfaith Youth Core – an organization devoted to advancing religious understanding and respect.

  • September 2 – Janet Peterman – Ritual Living With a Flair
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Colossians 3:16-17

    We often speak of rituals as being boring, dull, or even dead. The word ritual is laden with many negative connotations in peoples’ minds. But rituals can drive life. They can even restore life. The Rev. Janet Peterman believes so thoroughly in their power that she has authored a book of sacred rituals for special moments and crises in life. It’s not your average compilation of friendly rituals for easy times, but it is what you or a friend may wish to know about for that trying time that can befall any one of us.


  • August 26 – Lisa Jefferson – "Flight 93" - The Famous Phone Call
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Isaiah 6:8

    The whole world over seems to know the name Todd Beamer and his now famous words “Let’s roll.” He spoke these words during an extended phone conversation on 9/11, the day Flight 93 went down. Few people know the person who answered that call.
    Lisa Jefferson is her name. Her life stands as a testimony of great faith and true responsibility in a time of crisis. (Originally broadcast September 10, 2006)

  • August 19  – Jerry (Gerald) Sittser – Unanswered Prayer
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Luke 18: 9-14

    What do we do when God does not seem to answer our prayers and our Christian faith doesn’t seem to “work?” Where is God when the cry of our hearts hears little more than silence?
    Gerald Sittser, professor of religion at Whitworth College, brings incredible hope and insight to these questions. His responses carry enormous weight, born as they are out of great personal suffering. (Originally broadcast July 23, 2006)


  • August 12  – Joe Ehrmann – Love As Your Uniform
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    John 13:13

    What happens when you dress yourself in love can make the difference between a hopeful day and a woeful day. For nationally acclaimed coach
    Joe Ehrmann, love lived in the right way is exactly what young adolescent males need more than anything else. Meet this ex-NFL great who has a definition of success like you’ve never heard before. (Originally broadcast May 7, 2006)
  • August 5 – Dave Ramsey – Money. Money. Money
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Matthew 6:19-21, 24

    Money is a worry, a blessing, and a necessity. But it can also become a god. This may be why the scriptures record one sixth of Jesus’ words as related to money or wealth. Popular radio talk show host and author Dave Ramsey spends his every day thinking about our use and misuse of money. We’ll tap into his wisdom.


  • July 29 – Eric Olsen – Two Conspiracies: Evil & Good
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Romans 7:15-20

    There is evil in this world, and if it doesn’t hurt or kill, it certainly seeks to dominate and destroy. Evil does not merely reside in other people; it cuts through the heart of every human being. Sometimes it overshadows the astonishing goodness in this world that we must always seek to prize.
    Lt. Col. Eric Olsen, a military chaplain, joins the program to discuss his tour of duty in Iraq and what it means to minister to young soldiers.


  • July 22 – Ken Medema – Grace, Everywhere We Turn
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Matthew 5:43-44

    There is nobody quite like
    Ken Medema. This composer and pianist, blind since birth, has a passion for God and people that oozes from his music. He fills the big stage and yet transforms the individual heart every time he performs. It all happens through an improvisational style and zest that is truly unique. Grace permeates the faith and music of Ken Medema in a way that is changing the lives of all who hear him.
  • July 15 – Simba Circle – Making Choices
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Joshua 24:15

    Growing up on the streets of Chicago’s South Side can make for a rough life. The pressures of gang life, conformity to crime, and drug abuse are more than most suburbanites know much about. Simba Circle is an ecumenical ministry devoted to helping young African-American males live the life God created them to live, not the hell they see many of their peers experiencing. The Simba ministry works through the faith of adult mentors, spirited rituals, and the woods and meadows of an Iowa camp to make a difference in these endangered lives.

  • July 8 – Robert Franklin – Raise Her for God
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    1 John 4:21

    There is a crisis in the African-American family that will take significant effort to undo. It is a crisis of commitment with many features, a good number of them stretching all the way back to the days of slavery. Robert Franklin, social ethics professor, news commentator and college president, is as well-equipped as anyone to speak with hope about what is needed to reverse negative social trends. His words challenge all of us to rethink where our families are healthy and where they need strengthening.

  • July 1 – Robert Seiple – Humbly Engaging the World
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Luke 4:25-30

    Bob Seiple
    has spent his life working to improve the lives of others around the world. Former president of World Vision, Inc. and one-time U.S. ambassador, this global educator now heads up an organization committed to expanding religious freedom in every country. Our task as Americans, he argues, is to model religious freedom by engaging spiritual humility on a national level, and by delighting in thoughtful forms of religious expression that may not be our own.


  • June 24 – Judith Valente – Nourishing Your Soul
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Psalm 119:167-168

    Nourishing one’s soul is like nourishing one’s body except that the protein content is a little different. The protein for nourishing one’s soul comes from spiritual food – food that comes in the form of attentiveness, gratitude, simplicity, prayer, mystery, and more. Judith Valente, an on-air correspondent for the PBS-TV program "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly," finds spiritual food grows best in the garden of sacred poetry. She is co-author of the book "Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul."

        Listen to selected poems from Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul:
            - Conjugating   MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

            - Juvenile Day Poem  MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

  • June 17 – Scot McKnight – Loving God, Loving Neighbor
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Matthew 22:37

    Most people both inside and outside of Christianity are acquainted with the great commandment to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. But how many really live the balance of this creed – the priority of both of its dimensions – in a daily way? Scot McKnight, author of the book "The Jesus Creed," describes how significant these words were to Jesus of Nazareth, and how important they deserve to be for shaping our daily lives.

  • June 10 – Danny Wuerffel – Defining Success
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Mark 10:46-52

    Former Heisman trophy winner and NFL quarterback Danny Wuerffel knows a lot about acclaim. He couldn’t take to the field without tens of thousands of fans letting him know their appreciation. But Wuerffel, who currently directs a ministry for inner city youth, knows that fame doesn’t add up to much when compared with the truly significant things to which we could be devoting our lives. His definition of success will have all of us rethinking our callings in life.

  • June 3 – Don Saliers/Emily Saliers – The Art of Holy Listening
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Mark 10:46-52

    In a day when many people don’t know how to make sense of Saturday night folk, pop, or rock music alongside of Sunday morning sacred music, it helps to hear how one family weaves the two realms together. Both secular and sacred music can have a meaningful place in our lives. One doesn’t have to love one genre of music and hate the other.
    Emily Saliers, lead singer with the Indigo Girls, and her father, Don Saliers, a church musician and professor of Christian worship, do a masterful job of connecting music and spirituality.


  • May 27 – Don Saliers/Emily Saliers – Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    1 Corinthians 2:9

    In a day when many people don’t know how to make sense of Saturday night folk, pop, or rock music alongside of Sunday morning sacred music, it helps to hear how one family weaves the two realms together. Both secular and sacred music can have a meaningful place in our lives. One doesn’t have to love one genre of music and hate the other.
    Emily Saliers, lead singer with the Indigo Girls, and her father, Don Saliers, a church musician and professor of Christian worship, do a masterful job of connecting music and spirituality.

  • May 20 – Rob Owen – The Limits of Celebrity Worship
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Matthew 20:20-23

    Rob Owen is the president of the National Association of Television Critics, a group of journalists who regularly size up the state of television programming, from the appropriateness of individual show ratings to awards for those shows deemed excellent. Owen also sees his fair share of celebrity gossip and celebrity worship. In a world where most of us have a tendency to want to associate with others whose lives appear more exciting and glamorous than our own, celebrity worship has its limits. Life in Christ has its reasons why. That’s all in this edition of Grace Matters.

  • May 13 – Rick Steves – Expanding Your World

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Luke 3:22

    The best way to get to know other people is to meet them where they live their lives. We know this to be true from our local experience. Rick Steves, popular travel host for Public Television, reminds us that it is also true globally. Inspired by the personal belief that “this planet is full of equally precious people,” Steves knows well how to connect his two vocations of being a Christian believer and a travel teacher. It’s a winning combination, as you’ll discover from his passion for being a thoughtful traveler.


  • May 6 – Philip Wogaman – No More Violence

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Luke 22:35-38

    Have you ever wondered about the really complex question: “Why is it that the United States is both the most religious nation in the Western World and yet the most violent?” This edition of Grace Matters takes on the topic of our easy drift toward accepting lethal violence as a way of life. It is both a personal and national dilemma. Philip Wogaman, ethicist and pastor to the Clinton family during their White House years, is guest on the program.


  • April 29 – Sara Spoonheim – Courtesy Toward the Earth

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Sara Spoonheim has an exciting job. She partners with Christian, Jewish, and Muslim congregations to look at ways for these faith communities to be responsive stewards of God’s magnificent creation. Combining her own vital faith and passion for life with a commitment to caring for this fragile planet, Spoonheim outlines the beauty of devoting ourselves to the concerns of ecology, justice, and the good life for all.


  • April 22 – Philip Yancey – Part II:  Relationship in Prayer Click here to listen

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Luke 18: 1-8

    Philip Yancey, popular author and reliable spiritual guide, remains the “go to” person for any memorable discussion on the amazing character of grace. With his candor as a journalist and his honesty as a Christian pilgrim, Yancey outlines both the reliability and the unpredictability of grace. He walks listeners through a love we had not counted on and a kindness we may not think we deserve.


  • April 15 – Philip Yancey – Part I: The Magnanimity of Grace

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Click here to listenEphesians 2:8

    Philip Yancey, popular author and reliable spiritual guide, remains the “go to” person for any memorable discussion on the amazing character of grace. With his candor as a journalist and his honesty as a Christian pilgrim, Yancey outlines both the reliability and the unpredictability of grace. He walks listeners through a love we had not counted on and a kindness we may not think we deserve.

  • April 8 – Peter W. Marty – Hallelujah! Called by Name

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    John 20: 1-18 

    If the resurrection of Jesus Christ interrupts a pattern of living that works well for us, do we really want the resurrection? Program host Peter W. Marty takes on this penetrating question in a special edition of Grace Matters that includes festive music of the day. Given the human instinct to want to hang on to things the way they are, or cling to things the way they were, Easter can be upsetting news. But if we’re open to rethinking the shape of our lives, it is the best news for which we could ever hope.

  • April 1 – Peter Marty – Some Poems Don't Rhyme

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Palm or Passion Sunday, that seven-day-before-Easter event in the Christian calendar, has always had a split personality about it. Should the day celebrate a festive parade of Jesus’ final entry into Jerusalem, or the sobering words of a mob demanding his crucifixion? In a reflective meditation on that paradox, program host Peter W. Marty looks vividly at what’s behind Jesus crying over the city of Jerusalem. He connects the events of that ancient day with the familiar collision we all know between what our life is, and what we wish it were.


  • March 25 – Murray Finck – Stretching Heart, Soul, and Mind

    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Matthew 22:37-40 

    The fitness craze that is sweeping the country offers more benefit than just simply lowering weight, feeling energetic, and reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes and coronary blockage. As far as Murray Finck is concerned, a discipline of fitness can bring great spiritual blessing as well. This Evangelical Lutheran Church in America bishop cares about stretching the mind, body and spirit in ways that give serious attention to prayer.

  • March 18 – Dr. William Davis – More Than a Bandage For the Poor
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Galatians 2:10

    Mother Teresa is credited with saying, “It is a very great poverty to decide that children must die so that we might live as we wish.” Bill Davis has taken the striking power of this statement, posted it on his office wall, and decided it is the perfect inspiration to stop letting poor kids go without health care. He left his surgical practice almost 20 years ago to serve low-income people, and has never looked back. It’s a compelling story of faith ordering one’s deepest commitments.


  • March 11 – Elizabeth Hausler – The Foundations of Home
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Zephaniah 3:20

    The Bible does not say much about building houses, but it has many things to say about what makes for a home. Elizabeth Hausler is well qualified to speak about building houses. She is the founder and director of Build Change, an organization devoted to building earthquake-resistant homes, but she is also well attuned to the requirements for making a home, working hand in hand with the people of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, who dream of a new life.

  • March 4 – Knute Ogren – Take A Breath
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Mark 6:37

    It has been said before that, “If I am hungry, this is a physical problem. But if my neighbor is hungry, that is a spiritual problem.” The spiritual problem of people who live with insufficient food, or who are food insecure, has reached staggering proportions. Knute Ogren is a young church worker and musician who decided to record a couple of CDs and donate all of the proceeds to fight global hunger. Like so many others, his contribution is (on its way to) making a significant impact.


  • February 25 – Break Out the Angel Food Cake
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Psalm 104:14-15

    People may joke frequently about church potluck suppers. But in one congregation, a few shared meals became the testing ground for an entire cookbook of recipes from the Bible. Anthony Chiffolo and Rayner “Rusty” Hesse put their biblical research and culinary wizardry to work for creating this imaginative resource. They join the program to help uncover the significance of hospitality in ancient times and its place around our tables today. Great food for thought!
  • February 18 – Facing the Big Questions in Life
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    1 Corinthians 13:2

    Dr. Timothy Johnson, longtime medical editor for ABC news, is not afraid to ask the big questions of religion and science. As both minister and physician, he is intrigued by the interplay of two worlds that many people find hopelessly at odds. He brings his incisive mind and spiritual vitality to a conversation about the “hows” of science and the “whys” of faith.

  • February 11 – Singing As a Way of Life
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Psalm 13:6

    Some people run out of creativity in their’80s as their bodies naturally wear down and their spirits fight to keep up. But not
    Mary Oyer. This retired professor of music and song leader in the Mennonite Church has a passion for music from around the world, just as she has an undying love for teaching. Put it all together and she will tell you what it adds up to: A very fulfilling life.


  • February 4 – The Undivided Life
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream

    Luke 3:21-22
    Are you living your own life or the fragments of someone else’s life? At times we follow the temptation to try and assume a different character than the one God most wants us to be. But digging beneath all external appearances, there is a hidden wholeness in each of our lives, planted there by God. Author, speaker, and popular retreat leader Parker Palmer has spent his life tracking the fingerprints of God on the human soul and retrieving the hidden wholeness we all are after.


There are plenty of fairness gaps in the United States system of justice, but nothing like those in countries that detain and imprison people for merely speaking their mind. John Kamm, executive director of the Dui Hua Foundation, has made a life out of working to free Chinese dissidents who disappear from the public eye. His efforts have been both courageous and successful. They remind us in a pointed way of the biblical mandate to pursue justice for others.

  • January 21 – When Our Bodies Get Sick
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Luke 6:17-19

    When our bodies get sick, more than pain, disease, or symptoms are involved. Our whole person gets dragged into the illness. Our hopes, dreams, and character strengths and weaknesses become part of the picture. Professor and author Arthur Frank speaks as eloquently as anyone on the difference between treatment and care, illness and disease, and fighting and struggling. Here’s a front line look at illness being part of who we are.



  • January 14 – Domination Is Anything But Holy
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream
    Ephesians 5:21-32

    Sexual and domestic violence are epidemic in American culture. Surprising to many people, however, is the role that Christianity plays in hiding the crisis through silence, or in perpetuating the crisis through a misuse of the Bible. Marie Fortune, founder and senior analyst at the Faith Trust Institute, talks about societal discomfort in addressing this violence. Host Peter Marty looks into one of the more difficult biblical passages involving domination and subjugation.


  • January 7 – Do You Trust God’s Abundance?
    MP3 | RealPlayer Stream | Extended Interview
    Mark 6:30-34

    Anxiety over scarcity is the prevailing creed in American life, even though many Americans have blessing and abundance beyond measure. Gifted teacher and author Walter Brueggemann takes an inside look at why we behave so anxiously, and why it runs counter to everything God desires or offers. Listen to his ideas for taking a generous God much more seriously than we often do.

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